The digital transformation has reached the municipalities of Spain in the form of Smartcity and with direct subsidies

Now is the time to turn a municipality into a Smart City thanks to the aid available for the digital transformation of municipalities.

At DEVLON we help you in all the management so that the investment is guaranteed.

Do you know everything your city has to tell you?

devlon smartcity
Smart City and the devices that will make your life easier.

Counting of people and vehicles

The counting of vehicles and people allows knowing the mobility patterns of the city. With these data, measures can be taken to avoid traffic congestion, crowds and ensure the efficient use of roads based on hourly and weekly averages.

Monitoring of the safety of cities with IoT.
Video surveillance cameras for smart city.

Generate reports to know the impact of traffic on the environment

Traffic is one of the main sources of urban pollution. Through the correlation between the segmentation and number of vehicles, data on air quality and noise, a characterization of the city is generated. These 3 axes make it possible to control the environmental impact and speed up decision-making.

Environmental situation of the municipality in real time

It has a preconfigured and customizable visualization for the interpretation and analysis of data in a simple and functional way.

IoT device for the improvement of pollutants to the atmosphere.

Centralizes the
Centralizes the
energy production
energy production

  • Calculation of the percentage of self-consumption (solar fraction).
  • Instantaneous energy balance of consumption with respect to PV generation.
  • Communication of energy behavior anomalies. Take action to avoid unnecessary expenses by configuring hourly energy behavior alarms.

Materials and channels for citizen interaction

Sharing the information on the air quality of the municipality is recommended, it is a good exercise in transparency and awareness. Sufficient means are enabled to be able to link it to the municipal website, generate QRs, even announce it on information panels.


Smart City platform

Transforming conventional environments,
in smart environments.

Success stories

Mancomunidad or Salnes

Improve tourism in the area

  • 47 Indoor air quality devices (EMIS) in restaurants in the towns of the commonwealth
  • 1 Outside air (EME) Vilagarcia de Arousa
  • 2 Sound in Sanxenxo

Way of santiago

Control of influx and tourism in the area

  • 11 People Affluence on the Way of Santiago each one in a population

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