What is Smart Building?

A Smart Building is a building that has an intelligent infrastructure in charge of collecting and analyzing certain information in order to automate different processes of its systems and facilities such as the access, air-conditioning, video surveillance, electric power, etc., the objective is to apply the best practices of respect for the environment, guaranteeing the comfort and well-being of the users.

The smart building concept is not something that can only be applied to new buildings, it can also be implemented in existing buildings through retrofitting.

Smart City and mobility free of emissions.
Electric cars for the Smart City and the future.
Buildings built under the precepts of a Smart city.
Technological buildings and Smart City, smart cities.
City designed for a sustainable future, Smart City

Building management

Therefore, the Smart City, beyond being a technologically advanced environment, is an environment capable of understanding the situation in order to improve its ability to solve problems, even to provide them in order to overcome them.

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