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It incorporates a comprehensive energy monitoring system and has absolute control of both energy consumption and production in your city.

Solar panels and energy efficiency

Smart cities and energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a practice whose main objective is to reduce energy consumption to optimize production processes.

Green energy with solar panels

Under the premise of using the same or fewer resources to generate more goods and services, this practice has been implemented to improve the living conditions of society at a lower cost, collaborating with the environment.et_

All our solutions are aligned with the fulfillment of the sustainable development objectives proposed by the UN.

Green energy for sustainable cities
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Energy efficiency monitoring

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Turnkey projects of photovoltaic installations.

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We facilitate and support public and private entities in their digital transition We facilitate and support public and private entities in their digital transition towards the creation of connected and sustainable environments

Monitoring of the energy efficiency of a photovoltaic installation

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    What is an energy control system for cities and what is it for?
    An energy control system consists of monitoring energy consumption. That is, obtain energy data in real time, centralize them in the Smart City ELON CLOUD platform, save them to generate history and consequently analyze them through the graphs offered by the platform to propose improvements in the energy efficiency line.
    How does an energy control system help in the electricity consumption of a city?

    These are the main benefits generated with the DEVLON I energy control system

    • Reduction of energy consumption in buildings and facilities.
    • Early detection of failures and savings in maintenance costs.
    • Reduction of passive consumption with the detection of anomalous consumption.
    • Detection and reduction of power demand peaks.
    • Optimization of contracted power when an increase in permanent demand is detected.
    • Control and supervision of excess consumption with respect to forecasts/base lines.
    • Compliance with Energy Sustainability legislation.
    • Continuous improvement and regulatory compliance facilitating the implementation of Management System models (ISO 9001, 14001 or 50001).
    What IoT devices are used in energy control systems for cities and how does it work?

    At Elon we use ELON i products (Elon i basic, Elon i+, Elon i+ Rogowski clamps). This range of Iot products for energy control are installed in the electrical panels of the buildings to be monitored. Depending on the characteristics of the frame, the ELON i that best suits it is installed. Available for single-phase and three-phase networks. The equipment connects to the internet via Wi-fi and has backup memory of up to 30 days.

    Do small municipalities with few inhabitants need an energy control system?
    Energy control offers data of interest for any type of municipality, regardless of its size.